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New Candidates

Overview of the CPA Certification Process

A New Candidate is an applicant who has yet to submit any Credential Evaluation via the ILBOE online account system. If you need to submit an exam application, please see the Existing Candidate option.

Candidates with both foreign and domestic credits must submit applications, fees, and documentation to both NASBA and the ILBOE.

Where to start
  1. Review the education requirements.
  2. Open an online account.
  3. Apply for a credentials evaluation.
  4. Submit official transcripts from every post-secondary institution you attended
  5. Look for an emailed results letter approving you to sit for the exam or outlining your deficiencies.
  6. Make the Initial Exam Request.
  7. Establish an account with NASBA.
  8. Pay the bill for your exam(s) (Payment Coupon).
  9. Schedule your exam(s) at Prometric using your Notice to Schedule (NTS).
  10. Pass all four sections of the CPA exam within 18 months.
  11. Pass the AICPA Ethics Exam and submit your certificate to the ILBOE.
  12. Look for an emailed letter containing your certification number.
  13. Apply for a license at the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

Apply for a Credentials Evaluation

If you have been educated only in the United States, submit the Domestic Credentials Evaluation application and pay the $200 fee.

If you have been educated outside of the United States, submit the Foreign Credentials Evaluation application. No fee is associated with this application.

If you have a combination of domestic and international education, submit the Domestic Credentials Evaluation application and pay the $200 fee.

If you have taken the IQEX, submit the IQEX application and pay the $345 fee.

Transfer CPA Exam scores to Illinois from another jurisdiction

If you want to be certified in Illinois by transferring all four exam scores from another jurisdiction, submit the Total Transfer of Credit application and pay the $345 fee.

If you have passed up to three exams, want to transfer those scores to Illinois and continue testing for certification in Illinois, submit the Domestic or Foreign Credentials Evaluation application.