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Your Exam Score

After your test

Prometric sends your raw data to the AICPA, who scores your exam. Please review the specifics in the AICPA’s Scoring PDF. After scoring, the AICPA reports your exam score to NASBA, who acts as a clearing and storage house for all data related to the CPA exam

Score Release Day

The target release date indicates when NASBA plans to release the exam section scores to the Illinois Board of Examiners (ILBOE) electronically. To discover the target release date, visit the AIPCA’s website.

Monitor the ILBOE’s website and social media outlets for confirmation that the scores have been released. At that time, you will be able to see your score in your online account at the ILBOE. Please note that there is sometimes a delay between the target date and the actual release date. This is especially true of BEC scores, which tend to be delayed about one week due to additional quality control during the scoring process.

On rare occasions, a score does not post to candidates’ accounts. Scores not posted automatically need to be entered manually. Most manually posted scores can be seen by noon on score release day. If your score is not posted, please do not contact the office until that time.

Viewing your Score

Visit your online account, and under the Current Exam Results, an AICPA ID number will appear along with your score. If the AICPA ID number is not listed, do not contact the office The test confirmation receipt issued by Prometric assures that your score will be uploaded.

After you make any exam request, a “W” will appear in your online account under the Current Exam Results. This stands for “Waiting for Score”. This will be replaced with an exam score on score release day. If the “W” or section itself does not appear, do not contact the office. The test confirmation receipt issued by Prometric assures that your score will be uploaded.

At the end of every quarter, scores in your Current Exam Results will be moved to Complete Examination History under “Your Certification.”

Paper Score Reports

Within 1-2 weeks of the grades posting, we receive the hard copy scores from NASBA, which includes a report summary for failing scores.

We make copies of these reports and then send them out to individual candidates via USPS. Please understand our office mail is picked up on Thursdays only, so take mailing delays into consideration when expecting your score report.

Request Score Review

If you suspect your exam has not been scored correctly, candidates can request a review of their score. This gives additional assurance that the operational quality controls in place at the time of testing were completed, which in turn ensures reported scores are accurate. Please be advised that fees do apply. NASBA’s FAQ section has information about score review.