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Required Documents


Candidates must submit an official transcript from every post-secondary institution attended. Transfer credit is not counted when it appears on a receiving institution’s transcript. Any credit that has been transferred will count only as posted on the originating institution’s transcript.


For an official evaluation, the ILBOE accepts only official transcripts. A transcript is considered official if it is sent directly by the school electronically or through the mail. If a candidate wants to mail a transcript, it must be issued by the school and arrive in a sealed envelope.

Mail an official transcript to:

Illinois Board of Examiners, 1120 E Diehl Rd, Suite 107, Naperville, IL 60563

Some schools use only mail delivery with no option for electronic delivery.

Electronic submission of an official transcript:

A school will send its transcript directly or use a third-party clearinghouse.


For an official evaluation, the ILBOE accepts only an education evaluation report from the National Association of State Boards of Accounting (NASBA). Evaluations from any other agency will not be accepted.

To learn more about getting an evaluation of education earned outside the United States, contact NASBA International Evaluation Services (NIES).

Mailing address: NIES, 150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 850, Nashville, TN 37219

Toll Free: 855-468-5382

Local: 615-277-9077


Click here for information about the documents NASBA requires.

Please note: If you want NASBA to return your original documents, you can request this when submitting you documents to NASBA. You must pay for return shipping via a courier service with a signature required. This ensures the return of your documents because you must sign for them upon return.

Interstate Exchange of Scores

This information is relevant to two types of candidates:

  1. You have been certified in Illinois and wish to become certified or licensed in another jurisdiction.
  2. You have been certified in another jurisdiction and wish to become certified in Illinois. You may also be seeking a license in Illinois.

Seeking licensure in another jurisdiction

The ILBOE can verify only your exam score(s) and/or certification. We cannot confirm if you have an Illinois license in good standing. Only the IDFPR can verify that you are a license holder in Illinois.

We charge a $30 fee to report your exam score(s) and/or certification to another jurisdiction. If you want to pay online through your account, you must use our verification form. Log in to your ILBOE account. When you get to the main menu, look under “Your Certification.” From there, fill out the Verification of Certification application and pay the fee.

If you would prefer to use the other jurisdiction’s form, please submit that form accompanied by a check or money order for $30, to our mailing address:

Illinois Board of Examiners
Suite 107
1120 East Diehl Road
Naperville, IL 60563

If you do not have the other jurisdiction’s form, and you do not have an online account, you can print out our Verification of Certification form and mail it with a check or money order for $30 to the above mailing address.

If you prefer to pay online but do not have an online account, you must submit two forms to open an account. These are the Demographic Change Form and the Online Account Access Request.

Seeking certification in Illinois by transferring CPA exam score(s) from another jurisdiction:

If you want to be certified in Illinois by taking the CPA exam as an Illinois candidate, but you have already tested in another jurisdiction, you will need to transfer your exam scores as part of the approval process.

If you have taken up to 3 exams in another jurisdiction, you are a Partial Candidate.

If you have taken all 4 exams in another jurisdiction, you are a Total Transfer Candidate.

Most jurisdictions have their own procedure and forms for reporting scores. If you wish to use our Interstate Exchange form, click here.

Seeking a license in Illinois

After you have been certified, the ILBOE automatically reports your certification to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. However, if you have received a deficiency notice from the IDFPR, you can request a free Verification of Certification request via your online account or by using our paper form.

To discover if you have been certified in Illinois, click here and look under “Public Certification Search.”

An online request takes 1-3 business days. A mailed request takes 1-2 weeks. We will confirm via email when your request has been filled.

IQEX Scores

If you have passed the International Qualification Exam, congratulations!

To find out more about an IQEX candidacy, click here.

To request a release of your IQEX score to Illinois, visit the NASBA Store to order your report.

Your score report can be mailed to:

Illinois Board of Examiners
1120 East Diehl Road
Ste. 107
Naperville, IL 60563

Or your score report can be submitted electronically to:

AICPA Ethics Exam

Taking the AICPA Ethics Exam is required for certification in Illinois. You can take this exam at any point during the process of taking the CPA Exam; it never expires and there is no deadline date associated with finishing it.

The AICPA Ethics Exam is taken after completing a course called Professional Ethics: The AICPA’s Comprehensive Course. You must earn a minimum score of 90% to qualify for certification.

As part of the test process, indicate that you want Illinois to receive your test score. The AICPA will electronically send your score to the ILBOE. However, if you do not see in your score history that we have received your score, you can send it in yourself. Go to the AICPA Store to obtain a copy of your certificate. Then, scan your copy to

New Requirements Letter (NRL)

Your evaluator may request the NRL if she does not have complete information regarding a Business Ethics class or a Business Communications class. Or, if you are found deficient in these classes, and you believe you have taken a class that meets the BE or BC requirement, you can ask the department chairperson at your school to write the NRL on your behalf.

Many schools have submitted a template that shows which of their courses qualify. Please explore these to confirm submission of qualifying coursework.

Department chairpersons who write the NRL can send it directly to your evaluator. Chairpersons who are interested in compiling a template should contact the Assistant Director of Evaluation Services.