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Payment Coupon (PC)

What is a Payment Coupon?

A Payment Coupon (PC) is NASBA’s bill for the exam(s) you selected on your Initial Examination request or the Re-Examination request. You must make this payment in 90 days. The date of your payment becomes the starting date of your NTS. The 6 month expiration date of your NTS is calculated from the payment date.

If you do not pay the PC in 90 days, it is voided. You will need to start over by submitting another Re-Examination Request through your ILBOE account, accompanied by its fee. We do not give refunds for tests on a lapsed Payment Coupon.

How do I get a Payment Coupon?

  1. Submit an Initial Exam Request or a Re-Examination Request through your online account at the ILBOE.
  2. The ILBOE sends you an emailed confirmation of your Initial request and sends all your exam requests to NASBA in the form of an Attestation to Test (ATT).
  3. Expect an email from NASBA, inviting you to open an account with them.
  4. All candidates submitting the Initial Exam Request need to set up an account at NASBA using the jurisdiction id found in your emailed confirmation from the ILBOE.
  5. Within 7-10 days of receiving the ATT, NASBA will notify you by email that the PC is ready for payment.
  6. You must make this payment in 90 days or you will have to start over with another examination request at the ILBOE.

What if I have not received my Payment Coupon?

If your exam application has been approved but your PC is not available after 10 days, please check your spam folder and/or contact NASBA at:

Phone: 866.696.2722


How much will I pay for the exams at NASBA?

Each exam costs approximately $255.00.