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Evaluation Results Letter

Receiving Your Evaluation Results Letter

All correspondence with the ILBOE is conducted via email. Therefore, your official results letter will be emailed to you. The evaluation results fall into two general categories: approved or deficient. The results letter format is the same for either category. An approval will show that you have met all the education requirements. A deficiency will show what you are missing.

If you are deficient, we encourage you to seek the required education. Your application will remain open for three years, thus enabling you to submit additional transcripts without any additional evaluation fee. After three years, your account is cancelled. If you wish to submit transcripts after three years, you must submit another Credentials Evaluation application and its accompanying fee.

In the sample letter below, the candidate is deficient.


Dear Exam Candidate,

I am writing to inform you of the results of your credentials evaluation for the CPA certificate in Illinois. Our credentials evaluator has advised us that your course work is equivalent to 145 total semester hours of college level credit including 27 semester hours of accounting and 21 semester hours of business at the undergraduate level. These accounting courses and required business courses you have taken cover the subjects of:

Audit [No] Financial Accounting [Yes]
Tax [Yes] Managerial Accounting [Yes]
Bus Com [2] Business Ethics [0]


You received your BS Accounting from University of Illinois in 2021.


            Your account will remain open for three years if you wish to submit additional transcripts.

The candidate above has received a deficiency letter.

  1. The degree requirement has been met.
  2. The total hour requirement has not been met. The candidate needs 5 additional SCH.
  3. The accounting hour requirement has not been met. The candidate needs 3 additional SCH of accounting.
  4. The business hour requirement has not been met. The candidate needs 3 additional SCH of business.
  5. The Yes indicates the candidate has fulfilled the requirements for Tax, Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting.
  6. The No indicates the candidate has not fulfilled the requirement for Audit.
  7. The [2] in Business Communication means the candidate has fulfilled the 2-hour requirement for Business Communication. A [1] would mean that the candidate has been given credit for only 1 SCH from a business communications class, thus not fulfilling the requirement. A [0] means the candidate has not been given any credit.
  8. The [0] in Business Ethics means the candidate has not earned any credit towards the 3-hour requirement for Business Ethics. A [1] or [2] would also mean the requirement is not fulfilled because we granted 1 or 2 SCH from an ethics class or classes. Only a [3] would show the requirement has been fulfilled.
  9. If this sample candidate takes a 3 SCH Business Ethics class and a 3 SCH Audit class, those 6 hours will count toward the total. Thus, the candidate will be approved because he/she has accumulated 151 total hours and has taken Audit and a 3 SCH Business Ethics class.