Required Documents

Unsure of which documents are required for your application type, please see the right-hand column.


Candidates must submit ALL individual official transcripts from ALL institutions attended. Transfer credit must be submitted from the issuing institution in order to be considered.


Candidates must submit sealed, final, official transcripts ONLY for consideration towards required Semester Course Hours (SCH) via the following:

  1. Mail- Illinois Board of Examiners, 1120 E Diehl Rd, Suite 107, Naperville, IL 60563
  2. Electronically- Some institutions participate in electronic delivery of transcripts. If so, the transcripts must come directly from the institution or their selected third-party clearinghouse to:

Questions regarding international qualifications should be directed to NASBA

Evaluations from outside agencies will not be accepted.

Candidates must submit final, official transcripts* ONLY for consideration towards required Semester Credit Hours (SCH) to our foreign evaluation credentialing service, NIES (c/o NASBA)**, 150 Fourth Ave. North, Ste. 850, Nashville, TN. 37219, Toll Free: 855-468-5382, Local: 615-277-9077, Email:

Click here for information on the documents NASBA requires.

**Please note: NASBA requires a fee for any return shipping costs, if applicable. You can request that your original documents be returned when submitting your documents to NASBA. You must pay for return shipping via courier service with a signature required. This ensures the return of your documents because you must sign for them upon return.

Approved College Templates

Listed as Accepted

As of July 1, 2013, candidates are required to successfully complete two (2) Semester Credit Hours (SCH) of Business Communication (BC), three (3) SCH of Business Ethics (BE) and two (2) SCH of Research and Analysis in Accounting (RAA) as part of the requirements in order to be approved to sit for the CPA exam.

BC, BE and RAA courses may not have clear acronyms listed on the transcripts (e.g. BCM101, BUS ETHICS 100, etc.). These course hours may be stand-alone using an unrelated keyword in the title (e.g. ACCT504 may be RAA). Or, they may be integrated into other courses (e.g. PHIL203 has 1.5 SCH of BE integrated into the course of study). Please click here to view the approved college templates.

If your institution has not yet submitted a template or the template is submitted but your course is not listed, please click here

New Requirements Letter (NRL)

New Requirements Letter (NRL)

For deficient new requirements (effective July 1, 2013) such as:

  • Business Ethics (3 semester credit hours needed)
  • Business Communication (2 semester credit hours needed)
  • Research and Analysis in Accounting (2 semester credit hours needed),

 A candidate who has been determined deficient, but believes they have completed the above requirements will need to request that the department chair submit a template showing what classes meet the above requirements. Before asking your school to submit a template, please click here to ensure that it is not already listed.

AICPA Ethics Examination


Until you are certified, an expiration date will appear. This exam can be completed at any time and never expires.

The AICPA Ethics Exam is a self-study course titled Professional Ethics: The AICPA’s Comprehensive Course. This course must be completed with a minimum score of 90% in order to certify individuals who have passed the four sections of the Uniform CPA Exam.

This course concludes with an online test. As part of the test process, please indicate that you want Illinois to receive your test score and the AICPA will electronically send the Illinois Board of Examiners your score. Or, for faster service, please forward the certificate to . If you need to request a duplicate copy of the score certificate or have questions, you must contact the AICPA at 888-777-7077, option #5 or .

You may direct any questions you have about the grading of the exam to the AICPA Professional Development Quality Assurance Team at 609-671-2922 or If you have concerns about specific questions on the exam, you must fax those concerns to the AIPCA within four days of your exam test date.

For discounted pricing, please visit the AICPA at or the Illinois CPA Society, ICPAS, at

Intra/Interstate Exchange of Scores

Before submitting a request to verify your certificate and scores, please verify your certification hereIf a link in the lower-right hand corner containing your certificate number does not appear, please click here.

Once processed, usually 1-3 business days (online requests) or 1-2 weeks (mailed requests), a letter stating the date mailed will be sent via email.


If you need to request that your certification & scores be sent to the IDFPR, please submit the fee-free Verification of Certification application here. However, before doing so, please click here.


Certified:  If you need to request that your certification & scores be sent to an outside jurisdiction, please submit the Verification of Certification application and $30 fee here. However, before doing so, please click here.  If there is a form to be filled-out by hand, please submit it to 

Not Certified:  If you need to request that your scores be sent to an outside jurisdiction, your request can only be submitted via mail.  Please click here for the application. If there is a form to be filled-out by hand, please include it with the application and fee. 


Domestic/Foreign evaluation applicants who are partial exam candidates and Total Transfer of Credit candidates must submit the CPA exam scores obtained in other jurisdictions.

This request can be submitted directly to the jurisdiction, NASBA or by sending the form found here, which is not required for submission to our agency.

IQEX Scores

Candidates applying for certification via IQEX are required to submit the exam score with a minimum score of 75 as part of the evaluation process. Click here to visit the NASBA Store in order to request the release of your score.

Automatic Notification

Once the transcript(s), score(s), CIP Form or Course Acceptance Letter is received, and you have an application on file, an automatic notification will be sent to the e-mail address on file.

Required Documentation for Each Application Type:

Domestic Candidates-domestic transcripts & CPA exam scores, if applicable

Foreign Candidates-foreign transcripts & CPA exam scores, if applicable

Combination of Domestic & Foreign- domestic and foreign transcripts & CPA exam scores, if applicable

TTC- domestic and foreign transcripts, if applicable and AICPA Ethics & CPA exam scores

IQEX-IQEX exam score

Illinois Board of Examiners

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