Getting Started Process Overview


In order to get you started on the way to your CPA, we have provided some key terms and processes that relate and occur to your applications and journey!

Of course, we have provided the requirements as well.

After you review the terms, processes, requirements and application types, please feel free to submit your evaluation application via your ILBOE online account.

Next, before or after we approve the evaluation application, you will submit your Initial Exam application and appropriate fees via your online account.

New Candidates

A New Candidate is an applicant who has yet to submit any Credential Evaluation via the ILBOE online account system. If you need to submit an exam application, please see the Existing Candidate option.

Candidates with both foreign and domestic credits must submit applications, fees, and documentation to both NASBA and the ILBOE.



Click here for the credential evaluation application types.

Click here for the evaluation application processes.


Q: How do I create an account in order to submit an application and fee?

A: Before creating an account, we advise that you review the requirements and application typesPlease click here in order to review the account creation instructions.


Q: I am locked out of my account.  How do I gain access?

A: Please click here (right-hand column) in order to review the instructions.


Q: What credentials do I need in order to be approved to sit for the Uniform CPA examination?

A: Please click here in order to review the requirements.


Q: How do I know if I meet all of the credentials?

A: Once the official documents, application and fee are submitted, a results letter will be e-mailed.
Introduction to CPA Process

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