Getting Started

So, you have decided TO SIT for the Uniform CPA Examination...GREAT CHOICE!

We are excited to start the journey with you and wish to provide some tips below because navigating your way through the certification process can be confusing. 

For a glossary of key terms, please click here & click here for a quick overview of application processes.

Before determining which credential evaluation application best fits your situation, applying for exam sections & eventually becoming certified, please take a minute and review the requirements listed below:

Prior to 1/1/2001 Requirements *

*For candidates approved to test and/or sat prior to 1/1/01.

1/1/01 - 6/30/13 Requirements * 

*For candidates approved to test and/or sat between 1/1/01 & 6/30/13.

7/1/13 - 12/31/18 Requirements * 

*For candidates approved to test and/or sat between 7/1/13 & 12/31/18.

Current Requirements *

PDF is forthcoming on 1/2/19.  They are the same as the ones for 7/1/13 to 12/31/2018 except the RAA is not required.

*For Eastern IL University only, the MBA with a concentration in ACCY is reviewed under Option #1.

Click here for the the credential evaluation application types.

Click here for the evaluation application processes.

Illinois Board of Examiners

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