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First-Time Candidate

If you have never submitted an application via mail or the Online System before (used to view scores, pay for and submit applications, verification requests, etc.), please go to the Online System and create a new account.

However, before doing so please review the Getting Started section.

Returning Candidate

If you have previously submitted a hard copy application (no matter how long ago) and never used the online system please follow the instructions below:

  1. Submit the Online Access Request form.
  2. Once you have access, select “Forgot PW”.
  3. Copy and paste the temporary PW as the “‘Old PW” & submit the desired application(s) and fee(s), if applicable.

Having Trouble?

Do NOT use Google Chrome as your internet browser.

If you attempted to log in unsuccessfully too many times and are locked out of the system, simply shut down the internet browser, bring it back up and manually type in our address.

*** Do not allow the browser to auto enter the web address.

You must MANUALLY type it. ***

Click to access the login or register cheese