Payment Coupon (PC)

Effective October 21, 2017, the new Payment Coupon fees are as follows*:

Candidates testing at U.S. test centers:

AUD - $208.40 
FAR - $208.40 
REG - $208.40
BEC - $208.40

Candidates testing at international test centers:

AUD - $356.55 
FAR - $356.55 
REG - $356.55
BEC - $356.55

*The number of exam sections you select on an ILBOE exam application must be the same number of exams you intend to take within a six (6) month time frame. You must pay NASBA at one time for all the selected sections and must take the exams within six (6) months of your payment to NASBA. For example, if four (4) sections are selected, the same four (4) sections must be paid to NASBA in one payment and therefore, all four (4) must be taken within six (6) months. The same scenario is true if you select one (1), two (2) or three (3) within the six (6) month period.

Initial Exam Candidates

Once we approve your Initial Exam Application, we will send you an approval letter via e-mail.  Within 1-3 business days of receiving this e-mail, NASBA will send the Payment Coupon (PC) via e-mail.  The PC reflects the fees due to NASBA for the exam sections you selected on the Initial Exam application.

Please be advised that if you are Provisionally approved and submit an Initial Exam application after the approved semester, the Payment Coupon will be placed on hold at NASBA until the final, official transcripts are received and approved.

Re-Exam Candidates

Once we process your Re-Exam Application payment, NASBA will send the Payment Coupon (PC) via e-mail within 1-3 business days. The PC reflects the fees due to NASBA for the exam sections you selected on the Re-Exam application.


The Payment Coupon is good for only 90 days.  If you do not pay by the expiration date, you must submit a Re-Exam application and pay the appropriate fees in order to continue the testing process.

Payment Coupon Not Received

If your exam application has recently been approved but you have not yet received the Payment Coupon or it is misplaced, please do the following:


Your name, as it appears on your exam application(s), must exactly match how it is displayed on the two forms of identification you use to enter the Prometric test site.  If these do not match, you may be denied entrance into the center.  Please select the following link to view identification requirements or contact NASBA at 615-880-4200. Click for Name Change form.

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