Notice to Schedule (NTS)

If you do not bring the NTS in addition to the two acceptable forms of ID, you will be denied entrance.


The NTS is good for only six (6) months. If you do not take the selected section(s) listed by the expiration date, you must submit a Re-Exam application and pay the appropriate fees in order to continue the testing process.

Initial & Re-Exam Candidates

Once you receive the NASBA e-mail notification that your PC is ready for payment, log into your NASBA Gateway 2.0 account and pay the fee(s) due.  (The PC reflects the fees due to NASBA for the exam sections you selected on the ILBOE exam application.)  Within three (3) business days of payment, you should receive an e-mail notification from NASBA that your NTS is ready for printing.

Please be aware that Prometric accepts printed, faxed or electronic NTS copies for entrance into the Prometric testing site. Candidates may take a photo of the NTS and present it on their phone as long as Prometric staff can see & read all of the information.

Notice to Schedule Not Received

If you recently paid the PC but you have not yet received the NTS or it is misplaced, please check your spam/junk folder, reprint the NTS or contact NASBA at 866-696-2722.



Prometric handles exam cancellations and reschedulesIf you opt to be a “No Show”, there is no negative impact on your status.  However, please contact our Help Desk if you have questions related to your “No Show” and NTS before your scheduled date.

Not sure if seats are available at a specific location? Feel free to use their Seat Availability Tool to quickly check for appointment availability at the location of your choice. Note: You don’t need an Exam Section ID to use this tool!

Candidates can sit at any Prometric site worldwide and the scores will be sent to the ILBOE.

Please be advised that if you cancel an appointment within a certain amount of time before the date selected, you will be charged a fee.  Please contact our Help Desk prior to paying the fee in order to possibly avoid the fee.


Your name, as it appears on your exam application(s), must exactly match how it is displayed on the two forms of identification you use to enter the Prometric test site. If these do not match, you may be denied entrance into the center. Please select the following link to view identification requirements or contact NASBA at 615-880-4200.

Click for Name Change form.

Please note that the six (6)-month expiration date on the NTS includes the months in which testing is not offered after the first ten (10) days of the month-March, June, September, and December, as well as Prometric test site closures for holidays.


Q: My full middle name is not included on my NTS but is on my IDs.  Will this be a problem on test day?

A: Yes, the way your name appears on the NTS and IDs must match exactly. 
Notice to Schedule NTS


Q: My title and/or suffix (Miss, Mrs., Mr., Jr., etc.) is not included on my NTS but is on my IDs. Will this be a problem on test day?

A: No, only the first, middle and last names, if applicable must match.


Q: When do the six (6) months begin?

A: The six (6) months begins when you pay NASBA the fees listed on the Payment Coupon. 
Notice to Schedule NTS


Q: I am unable to take one or more exam section(s) before my NTS expires.  How can I take it when the NTS has yet to expire?

A: Please e-mail the Help Desk at regarding your situation.


Q: Which forms of identification are accepted at Prometric?

A: Please click here in order to review NASBA’s Candidate Bulletin (right-hand column).

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