Exam Application

The Initial Exam application and fee can be submitted before or after receiving the approval of the Credential Evaluation application.  However, it cannot be approved until the evaluation is approved. When you make any exam request, the number of exams you choose is the number you must take in 6 months and for which you must pay NASBA in full.

Anytime you wish to sit for an exam the process below must be followed.

You must:

  • submit an exam application-Initial or Re-Exam via your ILBOE online account,
  • create your NASBA Gateway Online Account when notified via email by NASBA,
  • pay the Payment Coupon fees to NASBA,
  • print the Notice to Schedule (NTS) and
  • schedule the exam section(s) listed on the NTS

Below are the administrative fees charged on the Initial and Re-exam applications related to transmitting your information to NASBA for the issuance of the payment coupon

Candidates are not required to select all four (4) sections on any one application. 

One (1) Section – $40, Two (2) Sections – $76, Three (3) Sections – $108 & Four (4) Sections – $120

Refunds are not issued for selecting the incorrect number of sections on a single application. 

Social Security Number (SSN)

We do not require your SSN in order for you to become certified. However, you can add it for ease of licensure application processing at the IDFPR by submitting the Change of Name form before certification.

Request For Special Accommodations

Candidates who require special accommodations during the administration of the Uniform CPA Examination should submit the Request for Special Accommodations application along with the appropriate documentation.

Existing Candidates

An Existing Candidate is an applicant who has submitted an evaluation application and has yet to submit an Initial or Re-Exam application via the ILBOE online account system.


Instructions For Name Changes

Your name, as it appears on your exam application(s), must exactly match how it is displayed on the two forms of identification you use to enter the Prometric test site.  If these do not match, you may be denied entrance into the center.  Please select the following link to view identification requirements NASBA or contact NASBA at 615-880-4200. Click for Name Change form.

Please make this request no later than 10 days before the scheduled exam date. If we receive your request late, every effort will be made to change it in time. However, we cannot guarantee you will be admitted into the exam.


Q: I paid but did not sit for the exam.  Do I need to pay the ILBOE again for the exam application?

A: Yes.  Anytime a section needs to be requested, fees are owed to the ILBOE and NASBA.  
Exam Application


Q: I have been deemed approved to sit, what do I do next?

A: Great!  First, you will need to submit your Initial Exam application and fee via your ILBOE online account.  
Exam Application  
Second, you will need to pay the fees listed on your Payment Coupon via your NASBA Gateway online account.  
Payment Coupon PC

Last, you will need to print your NTS via your NASBA Gateway online account and schedule the section(s) listed via Prometric.  Notice to Schedule NTS


Q: Where do I find the jurisdiction code and ID required in order to create the NASBA Gateway online account?

A: The code is IL and the ID is listed on your Initial Exam application approval letter if approved after March 5, 2018. If approved before then, please contact the Help Desk at help@ilboe.org 
Payment Coupon PC


Q: How do I apply for testing accommodations?

A: Please click here for detailed information. 

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