What’s Next?

The step-by-step certification process* is described below for those whose passing CPA exam scores were recently released in score release and those whose passing CPA exam scores were previously released a score release prior to the most recent one.   AICPA’s Score Release Timeline

*Please note that all five scores (four CPA exam scores and the one Ethics exam score) must appear at your ILBOE Online Account in order for the certificate number to be issued. 

Certification Process, Step-By-Step

You finally did it…CONGRATULATIONS!!!

With the hard part behind you, you simply need to know “When will I become certified?”.

Recently Released*: 2-3 weeks of the score release in which you passed your final section 

Previously Released*: 3 business days of receiving your Ethics exam score

Once we process your last remaining score, we will e-mail a certification letter listing your certification number and date of certification.

In addition, a report of recently certified candidates is automatically sent to the IDFPR on the 1st and 15th of every month. Please allow the IDFPR 2 weeks from that date to update their records. After that 2nd week, feel free to apply for licensure.

Six (6) weeks from the certification letter’s date, your hard copy certificate will be mailed.


Missing Information

If the appropriate amount of processing time has occurred and the IDFPR has sent a deficiency letter stating that your certification information has yet to received, please send a copy of the letter to the help desk at help@ilboe.org.


Q: I passed!  When do I receive my certificate?

A: CONGRATULATIONS!  Please review the certification steps here.
Certification vs Licensure

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